Why Marina J. Kelly?

Deal with ONE professional and only ONE for all your property matters.

*  No. 1 Property Manager in SA 2014*

*  Senior Training Facilitator at The Real Estate Institute

1. I will personally manage your property from start to finish.

2. I will communicate with you.

3. I will inspect your property.

4. I will arrange maintenance with your permission - always!

5. I will organise payments of accounts and you will receive a copy - everytime.

                                        ...................that's a personal guarantee to you!

Top 5 reasons why OWNERS have chosen Marina J Kelly Property Management:

1. Always communicates - there is only ONE property manager for your property.

2. Zero tolerance policy to late rent payments.

3. Effective, efficient and up to date lease documentation that will never allow tenants to 

    manipulate their tenancy.

4. Always completes routine inspections with a report, necessary photos and will reinspect a 

    property if not satisfactory..at no extra cost to you!

5. No surprises..owner payments and monthly statements on time, every time.

Say Hi...Call Marina today 0412 514 260 or email rentals@marinajkelly.com.au and experience 

what everyone else is talking about.

* Awarded by Harcourts SA 2014*